Potomac Crossing residents.  Please remember the following rules regarding pets in the community:

  • Pick up after your pets and dispose of the waste appropriately.  There are eight dog waste stations with bags in the community (see map for locations).  Please use them for dog waste disposal.
    • Remember: Loudoun County Animal Control ordinance states that dogs may not run “at large” roaming off leash with or without its owner.  The Potomac Crossing Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions state: “ARTICLE VI, Section 6.02 (b): Pets shall be attended at all times and shall be registered, licensed and inoculated as may from time to time be required by law.  Pets shall not be permitted upon the Common Area unless accompanied by a responsible person and unless they are carried or leashed.” Even if your dog is trained to stay at your side, a leash should be used in the common area.
    • Please do not allow your dog to be barking outside for long periods of time.  I know you’ll ask how long that is.  It is not a defined amount of time, but enough that it would be nuisance to your neighbors.
    • Please keep your animal off of other residents private property.

If you need to report a barking dog, or a loose dog in your neighborhood, the Town of Leesburg has resources to help you:

This is the form to report a barking dog: https://www.leesburgva.gov/how-do-i/report/nuisance-issue/report-a-police-nuisance-issue

This is Leesburg’s guidance on reporting dog issues (loose dogs, vicious dogs) in general: https://www.leesburgva.gov/residents/animal-control

Loudoun County Animal Control also has officers on duty every day beginning at 7am: https://www.loudoun.gov/index.aspx?NID=618