The Potomac Crossing Association Board of Directors has scheduled maintenance work to be done in the townhome sections of the community. Dominion Paving & Sealing will be performing milling and paving on the streets off of Hutchinson Place. Please pay careful attention to your street listed below.

Milling and Paving- Beginning at 7:00 am on the following dates:

Buttonwood Terrace
Monday, September 12th – Milling
Tuesday, September 13th- Paving

Rockford Square/ Stonefield Square
Wednesday, September 14th- Milling
Thursday, September 15th- Paving

Bluefield Square/ Woodfield Terrace
Monday, September 19th- Milling
Tuesday, September 20th- Paving

Linfield Terrace 
Wednesday, September 21st- Milling
Thursday, September 22nd- Paving

PARKING- All vehicles will be required to be out of the parking spaces and roadways by 7:00 a.m. on the designated day your street is serviced. Any vehicles that remain in this area after the listed time will be towed immediately, without warning, at the owner’s risk and expense. Please make alternative arrangements to park elsewhere. You may park along Hutchinson Place or any single family or town street. The pool parking lot at 800 Balls Bluff Rd will also be available for parking. It is recommended that your vehicle(s) be moved the night before. Even if you have a driveway and garage this will affect you as you will not be able to get in or out. Vehicles parked in a driveway, will be required to stay parked for the entire day.

After milling has been completed on each designated day, approximately around 5:00 pm, the street will be open to traffic and overnight parking will be allowed, however vehicles must be removed by 7am the following day for paving to take place. The driving lanes and parking spaces WILL NOT BE ACCESSIBLE until 7:00 am the following morning after the paving day. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS.

TRASH COLLECTON- Some dates may fall on Trash/Recycling collection days and Dominion Paving will do their best to allow trash trucks through streets that are being milled and paved. Patriot Disposal has been notified of the work and will try and service the section prior to the start of work however there is no guarantee. If trash/recycling is unable to be collected, please wait for the next collection day.

Please spread the word to your neighbors. If you have any questions, please call the office at 703-771-9355 ext 1212 or contact Sara Eckenrode via email at
This work does not have a rain date. If it rains and the work must be rescheduled, you will be notified. Please read and follow these directions carefully so that your vehicle isn’t towed, and you don’t incur significant expenses.

Thank you, Potomac Crossing Association