The Town of Leesburg has implemented the new trash pickup schedule.  For Potomac Crossing, pick-up is once a week on Wednesday for both trash and recycle.

Potomac Crossing trash pick up guidelines state that:

Trash must be placed in containers manufactured specifically for trash storage purposes only. Containers must have a lid which is kept in place at all times. (the Town of Leesburg will be delivering new trash receptacles beginning in late July 2018) Paper bags, boxes, etc. are not acceptable as permanent trash containers. Recycling shall not be stored outdoors or placed at the curb in open recycling containers without being bagged or secured in other ways.

 Trash and recycling containers are not to be placed at curbside before 5:00 P.M. on the evening before trash pickup, and must be retrieved before 11:59 PM on the day of collection.

Many residents have not observed the new schedule and are putting out trash early and causing unsightly, unsanitary issues in the community which impact quality of life for all residents, and can ultimately cause a negative impact on home values.

Please do your part by following the guidelines listed above, also, remind your neighbors to do the same.