The Board of Directors has finalized the operating budget for 2019. Go to the Home page, click on “Community” then “Minutes & Budgets” to view the 2019 budget.

The 2019 monthly assessments are $79.46 for town homes and $56.16 for single family homes.  This represents an increase of $1.95 per month per household.  These increases are needed to fund the capital reserve account which is used to fund replacements and enhancements to the common elements of the community.  Some of the major community elements include playgrounds (playgrounds have been improved and new playgrounds fitness stations have been added), walking paths, various streets and parking areas, entrance monuments, the pool and pool house (the pool and pool house is anticipated to require complete renovation within the next 10 years), street lights (38 streetlights were added to Smartts Lane and Balls Bluff Road in 2015) and basketball courts.  Keeping the community elements in good condition and enhancing / adding new features continues to make Potomac Crossing a great place to live and maintains property values.

The Board of Directors finalized the 2019 budget during the October 17, 2018 meeting which was open to all residents